"Grandma" Mary Shearer Dies 1837-1938

The Newton Dailey News, Friday Afternoon, July, 22,1938

Dies at Home in Prairie City, IA. Thursday Evening at 6: 20

Prairie City -- Jasper Couty's oldest resident and lone centenarain died last evening at 6;20 pm at the age of 100, seven months and four days.

She was Mrs. Mary Shearer, more familiary known to the hundreds of Prairie City neighbors and friends throughout Jasper County as "GRANDMA" SHEARER.

The first Jasper county person to reach the 100 year mark for many years. Mrs Shearer has been enjoying "fairly good" health during the past several weeks. She had sat up in her chair
yesterday. The end came Thursday evening, quietly and quickly.

Funeral Service
Funeral services will be at 2 PM Sunday at the Prairie City Methodist church with the Rev. J.H. Findley, the pastor in charge.

Born on 17 Dec 1837, in Pittsburg, PA. Mrs Shearer celebrated her 100th anniversary last winter with a day of many events. She was honored with special birthday cakes, with all of the members of her immediate family and with many messages and postcards and flowers from friends and neighbors. She was up all that day to greet the many callers who came to the home
in the part of Prairie City, and she seemed to survive the day well.

"Grandma Shearer" came to Jasper county when a girl in 1857. She was the daughter of Margaret (Logan) and John Thompson, a sawmill operator, who came west in the early fifties and helped to build Vandalia, in those days quite a town in the rapidly growing Iowa prairie.

The family came down the Ohio river and the Mississippi Keokuk and then drove up from Keokuk by wagons. Prairie City was just a little town when Mrs. Shearer came through. The
rural road had not been built up from the southeast yet. Mrs. Shearer married Daniel Shearer, son of Henry Shearer, one of the founders of Vandalia and brother- in- law of John Quincy Deakin the first white man to ride into the vicinity now occupied by Vandalia. For a time the couple lived outside of Iowa. but subsequently they moved back into the state, where Mrs. Shearer has resided ever since.

Mrs. Shearer's husband was in the Civil War, he having enlisted and camped where part of Paririe City is now located. It was just a new village then. He went from the training camp to Fort Donnelson to take part in the Civil War.

Mrs. Shearer has seen many changes during the years she has spent in thei community. But she said on various occasions during the past few years as she reflects uopn the history of this community that they have been for the better. Right up until the last days of her life, Mrs. Shearer was able to recall events of her earlier life -- when this part of the state was still pretty wild and undeveloped. She never talked much about them, however, as she was not to make much of her deeds. She lived well past the 100-year mark, but that was taken by her as just part of her normal life. She was glad to have lived so long, but she didn't make any particular fuss about it. She was only to happy to greet her many friends on the occasion her 100th anniversary.

She was a member of the Methodist church, the Women's Relief corps, and the Daily News Three Quarter Century Club. She is survived by one son, Harry Taylor Shearer of The Dalles, OR. who has been visiting here for the past two weeks. Her other son Frank, who served as postmaster of Prairie City for many years, died last October.

PS. A copy of this news article can be found in the back of Mabel Shearer Ohlegschlager (McFarland) huge scrapbook

The Shearer Family

Henry Shearer and wife were natives of North Carolina, from Wilma Wies's papers it looks like Henry is the son of William Christopher Shearer III by his 1st wife Hannah Hoover. I have known about Henry for some time, here is his family tree, to date.

Henry SHEARER and wife went from N.C to Ky. Ind. Ill. to Iowa

This Shearer family is my mothers line, she was the family historian until 1980 when I inherited the task. Sister, Edwina and I visited Prairie Cily long about 1934/35, we saw our great grandmother Mary Elizabeth Thompson Shearer and her son, Frank, we also met Ruth Dowd and several others from Vandalia. Just wish I had paid more attention at the time.

Jack and I visited the Prairie City and Vandelia cemeteries on our way home from the Rinehart Family Reunion in Oscalooa, Iowa. I found my great great THOMPSON grand parents in the Vandalia cemetery, that was a surprise to me. Momma's whole family lay dormant for years and years .... just coming to life at last.

Then long about 2001/2 several family researchers began to find the web site that Karen Ashley Davis kindly built for me... I'm delighted and welcome them all ...

1st. Wilma Wies and Eileen Krueger ... Then ...Darlene Casteel and Terrri Scrogham.


1. William Christopher SHEARER III and his 1st wife. Hannah HOOVER

William and Hannah had, perhaps not in this order:

1.1. Daniel Shearer, m. ___ Vickery
1.2. Jacob Shearer, m. Vilet Vickery
1.3. Henry Shearer, m. Polly ___
1.4. Sallie Shearer, m. Geo. Vickery
1.5. Mary Shearer
1.6. David Shearer m. ____ Summers

1.3.1. Henry Sherer
m. Polly ___
I have not settled on a name for Henry's wife, I have seen
several possibilities.

They had several children, probably not in this order. Eliza Jane Shearer m. James Darson Hamlin
b. 1854, Vandalia, Ia. Sarah Shearer m. John Quincy Deacon Mary Shearer m. ___ Prunty
* Daniel W. Shearer m. 4 times
b. 8 Jan 1826 in Indiana,
4. Mary Elizabeth Thompson, my great
great grand mother.
She lived to be over 100 year old.
Had a sister, Josephine, who m. a Dowd

Daniel and Mary had: Alida Shearer m. Ross Charles Shearer m. ___ Dowd
Josehpine's daughter Frank Shearer, companion, Bertha
Dowd, Josephine's daughter Harry Taylor Shearer
m. Grace p Keenan
me and my sister, Edwina's grand parents Harry and Grace had: Carl Taylor m. Catherine Spath
had two daughters, Bernice and Patrica Mabel Pearl Shearer m. 3 times
1. Ralph Edson Place (n/i)
2. Walter E. Ohlegschlager
had two daughters, myself and sister Edwina,(in that order)
Dad and Mom celebrated their 50th anniv.
3. Herman McFarland (n/I) Mary Shearer m. Roy Ohlegschlager
had two daughters, Ella and Joyce
Joyce may have a dau. or grand dau. interested in the
family, I hope so, the more the marrier. Bertha Lidia Shearer m. Al Spletzer (n/i) Harold Arthur Shearer m. Myrtle Herman
had 4 children
grand daughter, Terrie Scrogham, is carring on his
family records ... thank you Terrie ... she and a
cousin, Gloria, have met(2005) good! that all helps
hold the family togeather. Henry J. Shearer, Jr. m. Celia Draper
Henry Jr. moved from Vandelia to the Prairie Cily vacinity
as did Daniel. When Helen Shearer died, (a descendant of Henry's,
she had Daniel's Civil War discharge certificate in her
possesions) her niece sent it to me ... I used this certificate
to become a "Daughter of a Union Civil War Vet." in 2003)

Family researchers:
*Darlene Casteel; *Wilma Wies; *Winiford and Edwina; *Eileen Krueger
Gloria and Terrie

THE SHEARER FAMILY as received from Wilma (Willie) WEISE

THIS IS MY SHEARER FAMILY as received from Wilma (Willie) WEIS

"A Century of Wayne County, Kentucky, 1800 -1900", by Augusta Phillips Johnson, written 1938, published by Standard Print Co., Louisville, Ky, copyright 1939.

On December 13, 1800 the State Legislature of Kentucky passed an act creating a new county to be named Wayne in honor of General Anthony Wayne, Revelutionary hero. The new county was formed from parts of Pulaski and Cumberland counties. This history was written by Augusta Phillips Johnson from bits and pieces of information provided to her through letters, Bible records, newspapers articles and family stories. She initally meant to write a history of her family, but found that the lives and history of many families of that area and time were intertwined, so the book was expanded to include those other families. It is a very interesting book that I hope to some day read in its entirety.

pp. 235 -237: "The SHEARER FAMILY"

" When Cromwell disbanded his famous Ironsides, he settled them on confiscated estates in Northern Ireland. Among them were the Shearers, whom we are unable to trace by name throughtout the first two generations. They were English Puritans and Presbyterians. They preserve their identies ans tradditions to this day, with but little admixture of Scotch-Irish blood on the one hand or Celtic blood on the other. All were at first Presbytererians and Old Line Whigs in this country, and all seemed to need or to care for a stimulant.

Sometime before the Revolutionary War, about 1740, four brothers of this Puritan stock came to America with their families from the County of Armagh and Province of Ulster, Ireland . [NOTE: my KEENAN family was also in Armagh country] Their names were GEORGE, JOHN, WILLIAM I and JAMES. One settled in New York, two in Pennsylvania, and one in South Carolina. The South Carolina branch of the family are traceable throughout North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska, and other branches and their families are found in almost state in the Union. Wherever found they preserve their traditions-personal, social and religious, and their phyical characteristics, gait and features are easily recognized. These Shearers are not to be confounded with the German Lutherans of about the same name- Scherer, Schearer, and Sherer, of whom there are a great number in this country.

One of these brothers was the father of William ShearerII who married in South Carolina, and wasa the father of William Shearer III. This was William Christian SHEARER III, our ancestor, born about 1760, North Carolina, died about 1830, in Wayne County, buried in Bethesda Churchyard.

WILLIAM CHRISTIAN SHEARER III was married twice in North Carolina. First wife, Hannah HOOVER, buried in Ashe County, North Carolina. Her children were Daniel; Jacob; Henry; Sallie; Mary; David. The second wife (from whom J.B. Shearer of Emerson, Nebraska descended) was a German Hessian, name of Sallie WALTERS, Her children were Susan; Jane; Hannah; Soloman; Walter; Margaret; Catherine; William; Hester; Elizabeth and Nancy. This William Christian SHEARER was one of the early settlers of Wayne County; came about 1812. John SHEARER's family in Monticello are decended from Jacob of the first family. The others from Daniel whose wife was Margaret Vickery, their children being ; Violet Roten; Polly Huffaker; Adam N.; Margaret Huffaker; Rebecca Hicks; Caroline Rankin; Sallie Hicks-Marshall, Louisa Simpson; J. Jenkins; Frank; Broyles.

J. Jenkins SHEARER married Zerelda Ingram, daughter of Samuel Ingram and Elizabeth Parmley. Their children were: Lousetta married Shelly Ragan, Emma C. married Thomas J. Rankin. Samuel Married Mollie Huffaker.Menifee married Mary Wray, James.

Samuel was the son of James Ingram. (entered by Winnie)