The Shearer Family

Henry Shearer and wife were natives of North Carolina, from Wilma Wies's papers it looks like Henry is the son of William Christopher Shearer III by his 1st wife Hannah Hoover. I have known about Henry for some time, here is his family tree, to date.

Henry SHEARER and wife went from N.C to Ky. Ind. Ill. to Iowa

This Shearer family is my mothers line, she was the family historian until 1980 when I inherited the task. Sister, Edwina and I visited Prairie Cily long about 1934/35, we saw our great grandmother Mary Elizabeth Thompson Shearer and her son, Frank, we also met Ruth Dowd and several others from Vandalia. Just wish I had paid more attention at the time.

Jack and I visited the Prairie City and Vandelia cemeteries on our way home from the Rinehart Family Reunion in Oscalooa, Iowa. I found my great great THOMPSON grand parents in the Vandalia cemetery, that was a surprise to me. Momma's whole family lay dormant for years and years .... just coming to life at last.

Then long about 2001/2 several family researchers began to find the web site that Karen Ashley Davis kindly built for me... I'm delighted and welcome them all ...

1st. Wilma Wies and Eileen Krueger ... Then ...Darlene Casteel and Terrri Scrogham.


1. William Christopher SHEARER III and his 1st wife. Hannah HOOVER

William and Hannah had, perhaps not in this order:

1.1. Daniel Shearer, m. ___ Vickery
1.2. Jacob Shearer, m. Vilet Vickery
1.3. Henry Shearer, m. Polly ___
1.4. Sallie Shearer, m. Geo. Vickery
1.5. Mary Shearer
1.6. David Shearer m. ____ Summers

1.3.1. Henry Sherer
m. Polly ___
I have not settled on a name for Henry's wife, I have seen
several possibilities.

They had several children, probably not in this order. Eliza Jane Shearer m. James Darson Hamlin
b. 1854, Vandalia, Ia. Sarah Shearer m. John Quincy Deacon Mary Shearer m. ___ Prunty
* Daniel W. Shearer m. 4 times
b. 8 Jan 1826 in Indiana,
4. Mary Elizabeth Thompson, my great
great grand mother.
She lived to be over 100 year old.
Had a sister, Josephine, who m. a Dowd

Daniel and Mary had: Alida Shearer m. Ross Charles Shearer m. ___ Dowd
Josehpine's daughter Frank Shearer, companion, Bertha
Dowd, Josephine's daughter Harry Taylor Shearer
m. Grace p Keenan
me and my sister, Edwina's grand parents Harry and Grace had: Carl Taylor m. Catherine Spath
had two daughters, Bernice and Patrica Mabel Pearl Shearer m. 3 times
1. Ralph Edson Place (n/i)
2. Walter E. Ohlegschlager
had two daughters, myself and sister Edwina,(in that order)
Dad and Mom celebrated their 50th anniv.
3. Herman McFarland (n/I) Mary Shearer m. Roy Ohlegschlager
had two daughters, Ella and Joyce
Joyce may have a dau. or grand dau. interested in the
family, I hope so, the more the marrier. Bertha Lidia Shearer m. Al Spletzer (n/i) Harold Arthur Shearer m. Myrtle Herman
had 4 children
grand daughter, Terrie Scrogham, is carring on his
family records ... thank you Terrie ... she and a
cousin, Gloria, have met(2005) good! that all helps
hold the family togeather. Henry J. Shearer, Jr. m. Celia Draper
Henry Jr. moved from Vandelia to the Prairie Cily vacinity
as did Daniel. When Helen Shearer died, (a descendant of Henry's,
she had Daniel's Civil War discharge certificate in her
possesions) her niece sent it to me ... I used this certificate
to become a "Daughter of a Union Civil War Vet." in 2003)

Family researchers:
*Darlene Casteel; *Wilma Wies; *Winiford and Edwina; *Eileen Krueger
Gloria and Terrie

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